Why Play at Online Casinos?

Not that long ago, if you wanted to gamble in a professional environment, you had to go to a real ‘brick and mortar’ casino to do so, or you had to settle for a weekly poker evening with a few guys around the kitchen table.

There was something rather grand and exciting about stepping into the glitz and glamor of a gambling emporium, lights flashing, the sound of slot machines buzzing and clinking and occasionally showering of hundreds of coins into the metal trays below. People crowding around blackjack, roulette and craps tables, shouts of joy when a big win goes down and groans when the house took it all.

No doubt the social aspect of an exciting night out with friends is missing from online gaming, but there are also so many other positives about online casinos to take into account. Here are some of them:


Most people live many miles, or even states, away from land-based casinos. For most, visiting a casino would involve air travel, hotel stays and all the other expenses involved in getting there and staying for a day or two. If your primary reason for going to a casino is to gamble, online casinos make it really easy to do so in the comfort of your own home, or even on the go using fantastic mobile platforms like ours. You don’t even have to dress up, or dress at all – you can play naked if that’s what makes you happy! Feel free to play in your pyjamas, in the bathtub, out fishing on the lake, or in your hospital bed – no problem.


Online casinos operate 24/7, so whether you’re an insomniac trying to while away the wee hours, or an early bird who’s up and at ‘em at 6 a.m., or you just want to use your lunch break for a bit of R&R, there’s always some action right when and where you need it. Mobile gaming is fast overtaking desktop computers as the more versatile option as technological advances make mobile gaming more and more attractive and interactive.


As mentioned before, getting to a land-based casino and staying there adds a lot of extra costs to the gaming experience – travel, hotels and restaurants are all part of the outlay. Great if you can afford the expense and have the time but if you want to play more often and regularly, online casinos provide the perfect opportunity to play with no added overheads.


First up, there are literally hundreds of online casinos to choose from! Many more than the land-based casinos spread across the globe, and which for obvious reasons are inaccessible to one person situated in one particular location. You can take your pick and, once you’ve done some research, sign up for one or two favourites. Many online casino have similar offerings and a wide range of games, although some will place more emphasis on slots, while some have a reputation for providing great poker options, sports betting, etc. If you’re a slots fan, casinos operating on different platforms provide a host of different and unique options. For example, Desert Nights online casino offers over 130 slots from the Rival stable ¬– you’re basically spoilt for choice!


The boom in online gaming means that online casinos need to do everything they can to attract new players and keep their regulars happy (or they should do!). While you up your game, we’re always striving to up our game too. You’ll find offers of generous sign-up bonuses (basically free matching money with some conditions) as well as daily, weekly and monthly promotional offers. Some, like Desert Nights, will even give you a free no-deposit bonus which means you get something for free before you even spend a cent, allowing you to test drive the games and even win some cash before depositing your own money. Most online casinos also give you the option of free play, where you get the chance to play for fun. That’s something you won’t find in Vegas.


Most online casinos, including Desert Nights, have a live chat function that allows you to contact a knowledgeable casino consultant in real time to ask questions about any aspect of the casino, such as payouts or where to find information.
And while online gaming is often very much an individual pursuit, there are many online casinos that offer table games for multiple players with the option of multi-tabling and even tournament-style competitions where you can pit your wits against other players all across the world.


With so many advantages to having gaming at your fingertips at home and on the go, it’s no wonder that online casinos are by far the most popular option. Rest assured that it is perfectly safe to gamble online. Much the same as land-based casinos, all bona fide online casinos are licensed and strictly regulated and audited by various gambling authorities.

So go ahead, get ready to enjoy safe (and responsible) gaming!


Prepare to enter our exotic world of entertainment! Take your pick from our extensive menu of casino games, from table games to bingo, video poker to scratch cards, but our main course is our delectable selection of over 130 unique Rival slots, with more being added on a regular basis.


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Online gaming is now a huge and well-established global industry, but how can you be sure that your personal information, financial details and deposits and payouts are safe when you register on a casino site? 


Fancy your chances on the pokies, or a flutter on the tables? Or maybe video poker is your thing? Then Desert Nights is just the place for you, with heaps of top-quality online gaming entertainment just waiting for you to give it a go.


Not that long ago, if you wanted to gamble in a professional environment, you had to go to a real ‘brick and mortar’ casino to do so, or you had to settle for a weekly poker evening with a few guys around the kitchen table.


Keen on Keno? If you haven’t tried your hand at this classic game, you’re missing out. Basically, Online Keno is pretty much a type of lottery with better odds at winning, but no life-changing payouts, so don’t give up your day job right yet.


It’s no secret that Australians love their pokies, and what’s not to love about the seduction of the slot, the pull of the pokie? For the uninitiated, ‘pokie’ is Aussie for ‘video poker machine’ and now applies to all those games the rest of the world call ‘slots’ or ‘slot machines’. But moving along…


At Desert Nights online casino we’re constantly upping the ante to provide you with the best online gaming experience on your desktop or on the go. While we pride ourselves on offering a spicy array of exotic games, we are also pleased to serve a variety of apples – iPods and iPhones, that is.


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