Desert nights has released FIVE brand new slots to their New Game Planet

Read more info abotu 5 brand new slots that were add to the one-and-only New Game Planet at Desrt Nights

Play The Cupid's Jackpot Online Slot To Win All The Money Your Heart Desires

Cupid's Jackpot Online Slot is made by the game studio Arrow's Edge, which is perfect given the theme of this five-reel, 50-line slot. Cupid has his golden arrow drawn to help you fall in love – with gold coins and progressive jackpots galore!


As a slots player, we bet your heart goes aflutter when you hit it big. This game has THREE PROGRESSIVE JACKPOTS, so you should know that this game is not for the weak of heart.

But it is for those madly in love with special features. On top of wild and scatter symbols during the regular game, 3 bonus symbols unlock the CUPID'S CRUSH FEATURE, where bonus symbols trigger extra re-spins and the Sticky Wild Heart symbol stays put to rack up the wins.

But it is for those madly in love with special features. On top of wild and scatter symbols during the regular game, 3 bonus symbols unlock the CUPID'S CRUSH FEATURE, where bonus symbols trigger extra re-spins and the Sticky Wild Heart symbol stays put to rack up the wins.


Needless to say, the Cupid's Jackpot Online Slot is made to make you fall in love with your bankroll. One of those progressives and a 120x fixed jackpot is sure to do the trick!

Give the Cupid's Jackpot Online Slot a try today. It's available at Desert Nights for both new and existing members. And both likely have a promotion to take advantage of right now! Head over the DN promos page and play this game with a bouquet of bonus cash.

Paylines: 50

Reels: 5

Cupid's waiting. Are you ready to fall head over heels into serious cash? Play now!


Smash Your Way to Enormous Wins on the Godzilla Vs. King Kong Online Slot

In the massive wake of the hit movie comes the Godzilla Vs. King Kong Online Slot, which packs the same level of action into one mesmerizing game! Even if you didn't love the movie but like these two iconic monsters, you'll find plenty to enjoy in this online slot.


The Godzilla Vs. King Kong slot is a 5x3 slot with 20 paylines and 3 progressive jackpots. That makes for some truly giant wins, plus the fixed-odds top prize of 1,000x the payline!

The symbols encompass a variety of different characters, including scientists, reports, and average citizens. King Kong is the substitute symbol, which can take the place of any other to create winning combinations – except for the plane scatter symbol and the Godzilla Bonus Symbol!

If three different symbols of people appear, you trigger the RESCUE PEOPLE FEATURE, where you'll automatically receive a multiplier of at least 4x up to 6x.

If three or more plane scatters appear, you trigger the RE-SPINS FEATURE and play for free up to 12 times.

And if you hit three or more Godzilla bonus symbols, you hit the TITANS DUEL BONUS, where Kong goes blow-for-blow with Godzilla in a five-round death match. The longer King Kong lasts, the more money you win!

Don't miss out on this thrilling (but low-volatility) online slot from the game studio Arrow's Edge. Godzilla Vs. King Kong Online Slot is set to become one of the all-time most exciting new additions to the huge variety of slots at Desert Nights.

New player? Already a member? You can find tons of bonuses available right now in the Desert Nights promotion section. And you can use most of them to start winning on Godzilla Vs. King Kong for free!

Paylines: 20

Reels: 5

Score Astronomical Wins on the Lucky Orbit Online Slot

Five reels, 35 paylines, three progressive jackpots, and a one space monkey on a mission to explore the cosmos – and fill your bankroll with gold coins along the way. Who knew space was filled with so much untapped riches? Arrow's Edge, the makers of the Lucky Orbit Online Slot, that's who!

The little aliens are the wild symbol, creating wins out of the vacuum of space. They come in a group too, stacking on top of each other for a galaxy of win potential!

But the Lucky Orbit's wild symbol setup is even more unique. You won't see any aliens for your first 25 spins. You have to travel out into space first! Don't worry, you can win along the way, and the aliens will start appearing when you hit the 26th spin. They're also sticky wilds and stay put for three consecutive spins!

Once you hit 51 spins, the same thing happens – except that you get four free spins. And if you get to 75 spins, you get five free spins.

Basically, the further out into space you venture, the better the features become!

You'll also see "nova lights" blinking at the top of the reels. If two adjacent lights stay lit at the end of a spin, you get a MEGA SYMBOL reel that can pay out huge. And if three or more giant star symbols appear, you trigger up to 20 FREE SPINS.

Play the Lucky Orbit Online Slot today at Desert Nights. You'll be amazed at how it's even more exciting than it sounds. And don't forget to check out the bonus offers before you play – they're like extra rocket fuel for your bankroll!


Find Fields of Riches on the Pot Of Gold Online Slot

It doesn't get much more straightforward than the Pot Of Gold Online Slot – lucky symbols of the Emerald Isle will help you score three progressive jackpots, free spins, and a bonus game. There's even a foamy beer symbol, perfect for celebrating some big paydays!

The Pot Of Gold Online Slot features an impressively realistic leprechaun who's ready to grant your wish of hitting it big. He'll summon four-leaf clover wilds that take the place of any regular symbol to create winning combinations. He'll summon gold coin bonus symbols to trigger the GOLDEN SPINS BONUS GAME. And if he's feeling particularly magical, he'll grant you one of three different progressives.

If three, four, or five gold coin scatters appear, you get up to 15 FREE SPINS. Feel free to leap into the air and click your heels together in true leprechaun fashion – it can earn you some serious money!

But if you see six or more gold coin bonuses, you trigger the GOLDEN SPINS BONUS GAME. The goal is to see all 20 sections of the reels fill with gold coins. If one appears out of three spins, the blank spaces spin again. If no gold coins appear in any round of three spins, the game ends and you receive your payout

While the progressives can be massive, so too is the fixed payout jackpot of 300x your bet. That can be even more than the progressives, and it happens when all five leprechaun symbols line up across the reels.

Feeling lucky? Ready to frolic through a field of phenomenal win potential? Play the Pot Of Gold Online Slot today at Desert Nights, where you can also take advantage of these bonus offers too. That's like meeting a leprechaun even before you play!


Win lines 1024 ways to win

Reels: 5

Claw Your Way to Wins on the Secret Life Of Cats Online Slot

We all know that cats do all sorts of outlandish things when we're not around. What could they be up to, you might be wondering? Well, they're about to let you in on all their secret money-making antics on the Secret Life Of Cats Online Slot, a new game from the studio Arrow's Edge.

Each cat in this game is doing something different. One looks pretty, another is taking a selfie, and one is taking a snooze. Not sure why a cat would consider the fact that it sleeps a secret, but who is anyone to try and understand a cat's psyche?

The pretty cat, the one with the bow on her head, is the wild symbol. She may look tame, but she can take the place of all regular symbols (lesser-cats, as she calls them) to create winning combinations. Make sure to give her a thank-you pet!

The cat taking a selfie triggers the RESPIN FEATURE. If three appear, not only will the internet break from all those amazing photos hitting the web, you get 5 RE-SPINS. You can retrigger the re-spins if three selfie-taking cats appear again, which would mean cuteness—and winning—overload!

If three sleeping cats appear, you trigger between 5 and 15 FREE SPINS, which is determined at random and not based on the number of symbols. You can also trigger the 5 re-spins during the free spins, and re-trigger the 15 free spins too. Talk about purr-fection!

And if all that wasn't enough, the Secret Life Of Cats Online Slot boasts three different progressive jackpots. Meow that's a lot of win potential!

Play the Secret Life Of Cats today at Desert Nights. Better yet, play it with these bonus offers – we have some for new member kittens and DN cats alike!


Paylines: 8

Reels: 5










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