Everybody likes a good story, right? Well, here at Desert Nights (where the drinks are cold and the action’s hot) we’ve got enough stories to spin a tale for 1,001 Nights. Honest. We’re not billed as an oasis of entertainment for nothing, no siree Bob! 

Take our super Rival online slot – Ten Suns Slot – a 25-line, 5-reel slot that’s a sure-fire winner. The legend goes that the Eastern sky god had ten sons who were actually suns (this is confusing but just bear with us), but only one was supposed to ride through the heavens each day in a golden chariot drawn by a dragon. However, these spoiled god children rebelled and decided to all go on a joyride together across the sky, resulting in absolute chaos and ruin – the land burned and rivers dried up.

Their exasperated father could not rein in his destructive offspring, so he had no option but to call in the Divine Archer, who shot nine of the wayward suns with magic arrows, whereupon each of them exploded and turned into a bird-like Phoenix. The lone surviving sun (son?) mournfully rose the next day and was so sad and lonely he literally cried rivers. Well, thank goodness for that!


Anyhow, that’s the backstory. On the Ten Suns slot you’ll encounter the grand Emperor and the beautiful Moon Goddess (who, incidentally, were witnesses to the shooting) as well as the Divine Archer (he is indeed rather handsome), plus ­– take note! – he is also Wild! After a Wild win is awarded, the wild icon – that whizzing magic arrow – could let fly and expand in any direction.

Other icons include a fiery Phoenix, Dragon, Lotus Flower, Lucky Coins, Lantern, Chinese symbols and a Treasure Box, as well as what we think is a Lucky Frog (or maybe it’s a Toad – which is also very lucky, so we’re told). Three or more Treasure Box icons will trigger the Bonus Round, while three or more Dragon icons will signal a Free Spin Round. During Free Spins all icons become Drop Icons, ramping up the excitement a good few notches.


Unfortunately, this mythological slot doesn’t actually feature any of those exploding suns mentioned earlier, but there are some fancy sparkly effects on the spins and plenty of red-hot action, as you can see. But don’t take our word for it – take Ten Suns for a spin on Free Play or dive right in for the win. Like many of our online slots, Ten Suns is available to play via Download or Instant Play on your desktop or on your mobile or tablet, programed for both Android and iOS.

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